Responsive Web Design

The visitor's use of tablets, desktop computers and mobile phones all need to be considered in any modern website design. The presentation of the content of your website must be optimised for each device to guarantee you continue to attract attention with your website visitors.

The Problem

When someone visits your website, you only have 10 seconds (on average) to attract their attention and convince the visitor to stay on your website.

Whilst many websites will "work" on tablets and mobiles they rely heavily on the use of gestures (the pinching movement on the screen) to zoom in and out of the imagery and text.  The time it takes for someone to zoom into your website is precious seconds that should be used to inform the visitor you are the website they should stay on.  

Furthermore, if the visitor does click on a menu within the website it once again returns to it's zoomed out.  This continuous need to zoom in, and zoom out, disrupts the flow of your website leaving the visitor irritated. The result,  they go somewhere else!

The Solution

The solution is responsive design.  One website, but with the content displayed in such a way that it stops the need for the gestures all together.  It doesn't matter if your visitor is on a tablet, desktop or mobile the website textual and image content is displayed so that it can be read without the need to zoom.  In turn, the website can once again concentrate on ensuring that the visitor is happy that this is the website they were looking for, grabbing their attention once again.

How do I know if I need a Responsive website Design?

Check your Google Analytics.  If you haven't got Google Analytics installed, ask your web designer to install it straight away.  It's free and only takes 5 mins to set-up.  The invaluable data you collect will help you understand how well your website is working.

If you have Google Analytics, check the percentage of visitors using either a mobile or tablet to visit your website?  If you want us to check this for you then please don't hesitate to call on 07799 893 613.  We will check your data without charge.

What to do next?

Take a look at your website on a tablet or mobile, remember to take a look on the newer, more popular 7" tablets too.  Did you need to zoom in to read the content?  Did you find the need to zoom again and again off-putting?  If the answer is yes, please get in touch and we will happily demonstrate our  responsive design websites.  Call today on 07799 893 613 or email 

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