Engage Visitors and Generate Leads

What's the point of a website if you don't get enquiries?

How many times have you heard people say "I don't get any enquires from my website"?  It's a common problem. 

Websites are often designed without any real consideration to the potential customer's needs.  The style has been driven by either the designer or the business owner.

A new visitor to your website has an attention span of 10 seconds

With every new visitor to your website you only have 10 seconds until they make up their mind they will stay.  In 10 seconds your website has to confirm that this is the place they were looking for.  

In the western world we digest information website it a particular way.  Some visitors will want to read text whilst others will like imagery.

Don't make your website visitors think!

As soon a a visitor to your website needs to think  you are digging into their attention span.  Don't loose precious time with menus that say "Our Services" or "Products".  Spell out your services and products within the menu system.  Google loves this too. 

You unique selling points and key services or products should be visible on every single page.  The only two pages within a website where this doesn't apply is your home page and, if you have an e-commerce website, the shopping basket.

Google will land people on a page within your website that Google thinks is most relevant to the search term; this is not necessarily the home page.

Lead your visitor to get in touch

Every single page on your website should lead to a call to action.  Request a call back, Download a PDF,  Call us today are all obvious examples of this.  The more your visitors explore your website, the less time they're on a competitors website.  Encouraging your visitor that they have found what they are looking for is key to converting website visitors into contacts.

Would you like a website that converts visitors into contacts and customers?

If you're a business that expects leads from their website then talk to us today.  We will happily talk to you about your current website and discuss improvements that could be made to convert visitors to your website into customers for tomorrow.  Call today on 07799 893 613 or email info@net4orce.co.uk 

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